Man Smuggles 3D Printed Hasbulla Into Madame Tussauds museum

Liam Bedford, a YouTuber, snuck a 3-D printed Hasbulla figure into Madame Tussauds. The figure was on display for half an hour until security interfered and took it down.

Liam came up with the concept for his ‘Reverse Heists’ in his YouTube series. He had already pulled off a handful of other ‘reverse heists.’ This includes placing a framed portrait of Francis Bourgeois on the wall of the National Transport Museum in London.

Liam now set his eyes on setting up a false waxwork in Madame Tussauds. Liam chose viral celebrity Hasbulla because he could make a life-size figure while still being able to carry it.

Hasbulla is said to be suffering from a rare hereditary ailment known as Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD).

“I felt there was a big finale needed for the reverse heists, and eventually landed on trying to a fake ‘waxwork’ into world-famous Madame Tussauds,” said Liam.

Liam created a 3-D model of Hasbulla’s head and had it 3D printed. He then took the assistance of his friend Max Benham. Max was able to paint the head and connect it to a headless mannequin. Liam spent almost £600 in total.

“I was so anxious about getting through security. The making of the figure went so smoothly that I knew something had to go wrong.”

“I knew that it would a proper check and they would have been very confused with me trying to walk into the building with a 3ft model in my bag.”

“I actually hid it underneath a couple of pairs of women’s underwear and sanitary products in the hope that the security guards would feel too awkward to question me.”

“There were proper intense checks to get through to go in. I think my one-off figure was lucky to get through!”

Liam’s TikTok video of the heist has earned almost three million views. According to the viewers, Hasbulla should be an actual figure in Madame Tussauds.

He saw that museum visitors were excitedly taking photographs with his fake waxwork. Smaller children were thrilled to take a photo with someone of a similar height to themselves.

Liam continued, “I need to thank Madame Tussauds for taking the joke well, I didn’t expect it!”
“Also I hope they know that if they want the figure in the building, then can – currently, it’s just sitting in my room!”