Makhachev delivers headkick KO over Volkanovski at UFC 294

In an electrifying showdown at UFC 294 inside Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Arena, reigning UFC Lightweight champion Islam Makhachev clashed with the talented Featherweight challenger, Alexander Volkanovski. This high-stakes rematch on October 21, 2023, provided an unforgettable spectacle for mixed martial arts  fans worldwide.

Makhachev was riding a remarkable 12-fight win streak heading into the clash, solidifying his dominance in the 155-pound division. Volkanovski had been the only fighter to seriously challenge Makhachev during this incredible run. As a result, an instant rematch was the most fitting and eagerly anticipated sequel in the MMA world.

Volkanovski’s decision to accept this rematch on short notice demonstrated his unwavering determination. Despite the odds not favoring him, he secured another opportunity to face Makhachev and potentially make history.

As the fighters made their way to the Octagon, the anticipation reached its peak. The “challenger,” Alex Volkanovski, entered the arena with hopes of achieving champ-champ status, while the “Great,” Islam Makhachev, looked to solidify his legacy by defending his throne in a second encounter with Volkanovski.


Official Result: Islam Makhachev delivers a stunning Headkick KO over Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 294

This sensational clash between two MMA giants further cements their legacies and leaves fans eagerly awaiting their next moves.

Makhachev might not be long for the sport though, his mother reportedly wants him to retire on top. As per Red corner MMA:

“My mother doesn’t watch fights. Not just my fights – fights in general. She doesn’t like seeing people hit each other. When I came home, there were a lot of people there. She said, ‘you’re champion now. Wrap it up. Khabib listened to his mother. When will you listen to yours?'”I told her Khabib defended his title, and I need to do the same. It’s a hard topic for my mother. My father’s the opposite. He watches all the fights.”