Mackenzie Dern puts on muscle, undergoes team changes in attempt to bounce back from Andrade loss

Mackenzie Dern appears noticeably more muscular and physically imposing in recent photos compared to her previous ones. There is a stark contrast in her physique and strength development since her early days in the UFC.

After suffering a disappointing loss to Jessica Andrade at UFC 292, Mackenzie Dern has undergone a significant transformation in her training and physique.

Dern has gone through a number of teams during her brief MMA tenure indicating a larger problem behind the scenes. She started off in Arizona, under MMA lab, from there she went to Blackhouse MMA and RVCA. With the sale of RVCA and dismantling of the gym, Dern parted ways with renowned striking coach, Jason Parillo, and is currently coached by her own team comprised of rumored new husband, her father, conditioning coach Rogerio Camoes and Anthony Gonzalez.

In an interview, she discussed the noticeable changes she has made in preparation for her upcoming event against a top-ranked opponent at UFC 298.

Dern acknowledged that she has put on a significant amount of muscle mass since her previous appearance in the Octagon.

“You know, I don’t want to, like, die out there because of cardio ”

“I’ve been really trying to get, you know, stronger and just working my physique.”

“Fight day , I’d to be like maybe one 120lbs. Now I’m walking around like 130 and I’m fighting at 130, you know, And I’m, you know, I fight at 115lbs.”

This substantial increase in muscle and weight has been a goal for Dern over the past few years, as she aims to become leaner and more physically imposing at the 115-pound limit. For her upcoming bout, she focused intensely on this objective during her four-week training camp.

In addition to her physical transformation, Dern has made significant changes to her coaching staff and training environment. “My coaches, everything is getting way better. So the people with our primary team and 4 weeks is actually really good because you don’t have enough time to, you know, overthink things,” she said, indicating a more streamlined and focused approach to her preparation.

Dern’s team has clearly emphasized a concentrated training regimen, with her wrestling coach, Paul Herrera, providing a clear plan of action. “He’s like, okay. We’re gonna do this, this, and this, and I’m not even like, okay. Just trust the process,” she explained, demonstrating her willingness to follow her team’s guidance without overthinking.

The changes Dern has made are an attempt to bounce back from her loss to Andrade, which was particularly disappointing following her impressive performance against Angela Hill just months prior. “How did I go from so good to so, like, such not as good as as you know, a performance,” she lamented, expressing her frustration with the inconsistency in her performances.

However, Dern’s personal life has also stabilized, which she believes will contribute to her success in the Octagon. “I can’t really just kind of I think even just, like, media stuff like that. It’s like like I said, like, man, I posted a picture, like, right after training, you know, some kind of, like, pumped,” she said, indicating a newfound focus and support system.

As she prepares for her upcoming bout at UFC 298, Dern exudes confidence in her abilities and the changes she has made. “If I I need to go crazy out there, I will,” she stated, expressing her willingness to leave everything in the Octagon.

With her sights set on becoming a champion by the end of the year, Dern believes this fight could propel her back into the title contention conversation. Her physical transformation, team changes, and improved personal life have all contributed to her optimism and determination to bounce back from her previous setback.