Luke Rockhold thinks inducting Cain Velasquez into UFC Hall of Fame 2022 would help his legal issues

Cain Velasquez was a really good athlete for the UFC – he also held one of the most prestigious titles, of the heavyweight champion in the organization but his current legal issues are far from the sphere UFC can influence.

Former teammate from American Kickboxing Academy, Luke Rockhold, has a different take. Rockhold expressed his belief that Velasquez case can be helped if he were to receive a media push to recognize his athletic achievements. Rockhold told MMAFighting:

“I think Cain should have been in the Hall of Fame a long time ago,” Rockhold explained. “One of the first ever. One of the nastiest, greatest champions of all time. I was trying to push for him to get his Hall of Fame bid this year to bring more attention to it, which I think we should all push for. I think Cain should bring more attention to the situation.”

“Cain for Hall of Fame 2022, let’s go,” Rockhold said. “Bringing this to surface as much as we can and everyone can get behind him. Let’s show what Cain is.”

Velasquez is facing grave legal charges and is looking at a likely sentence of 20 years to life. Velasquez chased down a vehicle from the road – and fired into it hurting a different target than he intended. There is CCTV footage of the chase. Considering the ample evidence it’s hard to picture a situation in which the decision to practice vigilantism doesn’t come back to haunt Cain.

Still – it’s a bit much when you consider that he was chasing a vehicle containing a man who is charged of abusing an underage relative of Cain’s.

“No bail? No bail and they’re allowing a person to go back to that standard. It’s so pathetic how twisted our world is and how pathetic things are. need to be punished.” Rockhold added.

Velasquez’ bail was denied repeatedly and the judge seems to be very opposed to it thanks to the lack of remorse Velasquez showed.