Logan Paul wants to box Dillon Danis on KSI’s card in January, Danis agrees

Logan Paul claims that he is ready to participate in YouTube sensation KSI’s next event in January after the boxer wowed to make a boxing comeback soon after defeating two opponents in one night this past weekend.

The first season of MF & DAZN X, which was hosted by KSI, included a variety of international internet stars and influencers. Seven of the eight matches on the schedule were knockouts. Even though there were a lot of amateurs there, the event was enjoyable.

After the show, KSI inquired as to whether the “Prime Squad” will participate in the next card in January. Unsurprisingly, Logan Paul put up his hand to compete, but only if he could square off against Bellator MMA pro and certified internet troll Dillon Danis.

The host of IMPAULSIVE has been more successful in recent years. Having his name on any card would increase its value significantly. The 27-year-old Paul would probably be the favorite in a potential boxin match versus Danis since he has previously faced Floyd Mayweather in the ring. Not to mention Danis is a former professional grappler with limited striking experience.

Although Logan Paul is a part of Prime and has a promising WWE future ahead of him, nothing could possibly compare to the idea of Logan Paul eliminating Dillon Danis in front of a packed O2 Arena.


Paul has often expressed his desire to fight in the UFC and informed Dana White that he plans to do so in the future. Although it may seem implausible at the moment, the content producer has experience in the sport of wrestling and has shown his talent in the ring while competing in college.