Logan Paul wants to box Dillon Danis, eager to get the contract

Logan Paul might’ve just signed with WWE but he’s not quite ready to give up boxing just yet. He appears to be interested in facing longtime foe Dillon Danis.

Danis went through 2 knee reconstructions and is reportedly ready to get back in the cage after three years on the sidelines. Danis is a multiple-time world champion in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He started coaching with McGregor after Nate Diaz submitted him in their first bout at the UFC. Danis hasn’t competed since earning his second MMA victory in 2019 due to lack of knee ligaments.

Logan Paul has asserted that he has been clamoring for a boxing match with Danis. Paul left the following comment on DAZN’s Instagram post regarding the prospective matchup after Danis said he was healed and prepared to compete once more.

Paul commented:

“Is it my move? I’ve been hounding y’all to send me a contract for the last three weeks.”

Since then, fans have commented on the possible showdown by claiming that Danis is not serious about taking on Paul.

One user indicated that Paul is attempting to get a slot on the forthcoming undercard of erstwhile competitor turned business partner KSI’s bout.

Paul told to True Geordie,

“I’m going to piece up Dillon Danis. Everyone would love that, that dude is the gum that sticks to the bottom of your shoe when you walk down the street, that dude sucks.”

“I’m going to shut his a** up, he’ll talk about getting in the ring with me, he’ll do his talking online that will get a little attention. But the moment you sign that contract, the moment that you’re in the ring across from me the story’s going to change a little bit.”