Logan Paul stoops low, tries to egg on Danis about his father passing away

In the lead-up to their highly anticipated October 14 showdown, Logan Paul engaged in a heated exchange with Dillon Danis during a press conference. In a move that raised eyebrows, Paul broached the sensitive topic of Danis’ late father and accused him of ‘turning to alcohol’ as they traded insults.

In the leadup to the match, Danislaunched a blistering attack on Paul’s fiancée Nina Agdal. This verbal onslaught culminated in Agdal obtaining a temporary restraining order against Danis.

During their face-off, Paul seized the opportunity to attack Danis by invoking the memory of his father’s passing. In a pointed remark, Paul stated: “Your life is going down hill ever since you got kicked out of Marcelo’s gym. You turned to alcohol try to drown everything out, your dad passed away, you lost friends.”

The WWE and YouTube star went on to say that he understands his opponent and thinks that his outburst on X (previously known as Twitter) is like ‘group therapy.’

He stated, “I empathise with you Dillon because I understand Twitter for you is like a group therapy session. You’re getting a sense of validation. If that feels the empty voids in your heart, I empathise with you.”

Clearly wounded by Paul’s mention of his father, Danis retorted: “Talk about that see what happens, you say you’re not a scumbag and talk about my dad passing.”

The exchange grew more contentious as Paul issued a menacing challenge. He stated: “I will rip you limb for limb. You will not be able to breathe. I will rearrange your entire body.”

Seizing the moment, Danis goaded Paul into considering an MMA face-off. He asked: “So why are we doing a boxing fight? It’s not even a real match. It’s like half a fight. I would kill you bro (in MMA).”

Paul then refuted the claim that Danis would defeat him in an MMA match. He said: “The four time world champ was old Dillon. You’ve changed.”

Despite downplaying Danis’ threat in the Octagon, Paul ultimately agreed to an MMA clash after their upcoming square-circle showdown. The stage is set for a decisive showdown, slated to unfold as the co-main event alongside KSI vs. Tommy Fury in Manchester next month.