Logan Paul still willing to box Dillon Danis at a later date: “We’ll do it one day”

Dillion Danis is a name that’s synonymous with controversy. As a former Jiu-Jitsu champion, Danis transitioned into MMA, and after signing with Bellator in 2018, he’s only competed twice.

But despite his limited time in the ring, he’s managed to stay in the headlines thanks to his outspoken personality and association with Conor McGregor.

Danis has been involved in numerous scuffles and tussles over the years, but perhaps none more infamous than his run-in with YouTuber Logan Paul.

It’s no secret that Danis and the Paul brothers don’t get along. In fact, there were rumors that Danis could be a potential opponent for both brothers in the future. However, things came to a head a few years back when Logan had a heated confrontation with Danis at an afterparty.

During an appearance on the Sofia with an F podcast, Danis revealed the details of his near-brawl with Logan. According to Danis, Logan was at a party with a girl that he claimed to be friends with.

When Danis attempted to talk to her, Logan became incensed and started hurling insults. “He said, don’t talk to me girl brother. He started going at me, I was like f*cking stick this crutches up your as,” Danis recounted.

Danis would start negotiating a boxing match with Logan – but due to his WWE induced knee injury – Danis was offered KSI instead.

Ultimately, Danis was a no show for the presser and later backed out of the main event as well casting doubt he’ll ever compete in boxing.

Still, Logan Paul still wants to settle the beef with Danis and isn’t ready to close any doors.

When his cohost called him on backing out of Danis boxing match up, Logan questioned his co-host and added his knee was injured. The co host still prodded goading Logan: “You didn’t want to get in the ring with the phenom that is Dillon Danis. ”

Logan replied: “Yo Dillon, I swear to god, is replaying these last few 25 seconds on his computer and just beating his meat man. ”

Co-host added: “No, he’s gonna turn it into something. He’s an engagement specialist”