Logan Paul listened to Joe Rogan on repeat for weeks, while hunting the coyotes that killed his dog

YouTuber Logan Paul is skilled at holding grudges and exacting outrageous retaliation. This was further shown by his fascinating admission of how he tracked down the coyote that had killed his dog.

Paul described how a coyote murdered his dog during a Jeff FM podcast interview. He said that a coyote killed his dog Kong after the latter provoked it.

Paul said,

“Okay, here’s what happened. My dog got eaten by a coyote Kong, little tiny Pomeranian he was barking at the coyote. He sent something on the other side of the gate and he was I’m gonna be honest. He was provoking them and he thought he was a big a*s dog. He’s one of the little dogs that thought he was a big dog.”

He continued by explaining how the coyote had hopped Paul’s fence and attacked his dog before.

Paul continued,

“So he’s barking at the coyotes and uh both of them found a weak spot in my fence that they felt they could penetrate and they did. They jumped over my eight-foot-tall spiked fence in L.A. These things are nimble and came into my yard. Now you’re trespassing. You’ve broken a law in my eyes. Killed my son. You killed the dog that I love.”

Paul then recounted how he attempted to get vengeance for the loss of his dog. He said that he spent two weeks researching coyote behavior. While watching for his dog’s murderers, he would listen to Joe Rogan’s podcast.

“I sat there for two weeks every fu***ng night. I have stuff to do bro, I sat outside for five hours a night listening to Joe Rogan. That’s why I was gonna tell it on Joe Rogan listening to Rogan’s podcast waiting for these coyotes to come down as they do on my street one on either side.”

Finally, he admitted that he had been unable to locate the coyotes. Paul told, “I have my bomb standing at the end of my driveway. It’s been two years of this bull**t bro. I don’t see any coyotes.”

Although it appears that Paul was unable to track down the coyotes who killed his dog, it is safe to say that he went to lengths that most of us would not in order to exact revenge.