Logan Paul confirms plan for boxing return after ‘career-ending’ injury at the arcade

Youtuber turned boxer Logan Paul confirmed that he will return to the boxing ring after he recovered from a career-ending arm injury.

Logan Paul started his boxing career in an amateur bout against fellow Youtuber KSI back in 2018 which ended as a majority draw. The pair had a rematch the following year in a professional boxing match where KSI won via split decision. In 2021, Logan Paul faced boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. in an exhibition match. The match has no official scoring but Mayweather dominated Logan the whole match. According to reports Paul has yet to be paid in full for this exhibition.

Some time ago, Logan Paul injured himself while trying to set a record on a punching machine  in Germany. ‘The Maverick’ explained in detail about what happened.

“my ego tends to flare up. I saw this boxing arcade game at this like ‘hole-in-the-wall’ bar, it’s the one where the bag drops down, you hit it and you get the high score..” Logan said.

Logan made a big mistake by ignoring the bartender’s advice. He went on to punch the machine and the worst outcome possible eventually happened.

“So I tried like five times, the bartender saw how hard I was going and he said ‘sir I have to warn you, be careful. I’ve seen bones before, everyone hits their hand on this column’. And I’m like ‘okay dude, I’m a boxer’… F***. It turns out I shattered the worst possible bone in your hand for boxers, the middle knuckle; the third metacarpal. I spent the night in a cold German hospital, not knowing if I was ever going to box again. When the alcohol wore off, this was very depressing, but the photo’s cool.” Logan said.

Fortunately, he has recovered and will be ready to enter the ring soon. He also promoted his new NFT called ‘99 Originals’, which is polaroid pictures of a 99-day of his life where he took pictures during his world travels.

“The owner of this NFT will walk me out to my next fight and choose the color of my outfit.” Logan said.