Logan Paul calls Paddy Pimblett ‘cheap sell-out’, threatens to sue the heck out of him

Paddy Pimblett just can’t stay out of trouble. Pimblett has been losing the media battle against Ariel Helwani for a week now and has decided it’s time to take on another media tycoon – Logan Paul.

UFC lightweight Paddy Pimblett posted an ad to his social media in which he compared Applied Nutrition’s Body Fuel energy drink with Logan’s Prime brand of beverages.

Paul criticized the comparison video for misleading the public about the ingredients in Prime’s beverages. He took issue with the fact that Pimblett implied the Prime beverages included more sugar than they really did. He even warned Pimblett for misleading his fans, saying:

“He made a comparison video – here’s another L – that is identical to the comparison videos that I made. And he lied in the video. He poured out sugar at one part to show Prime’s two grams of sugar and he poured a f**k load of it. I could technically sue the f**k out of you for that misinformation and that’s a fact. You f**king lied.”

The Maverick also complained about the poor quality of the video. He described Body Fuel as little more than a subpar imitation of his own business, saying:

“He (Paddy Pimblett) promoted Prime in the video, the comparison is like…no one’s gonna go buy that f**king drink. They’re just gonna go make them go buy Prime. I even commented it, I said, ‘Thanks for the promo.'”

Logan Paul initially questioned Pimblett’s competence in the cage saying:

“I’m taking out Paddy The Baddy, dude. I’m taking him out.”

Paul then disagreed with True Geordie’s characterization of Pimblett as a ‘savage’.

“Is he? Are you sure? What makes you think that? He fought a couple guys?”

“I’m gonna get him. A kick to the jaw brother.”

Pimblett previously dismissed both Paul brothers when he commented he would defeat them both in MMA in the same night.

Since then there’s been a lot of talk about Jake Paul’s million dollar sparring challenge directed to Pimblett, but of course there’s no movement on that either.