Logan Paul assures fans the match against Dillon Danis is still on, shows off swollen cheek

Logan Paul recently revealed his swollen face following an altercation with Dillon Danis during a press conference before their bout. This anticipated showdown will co-headline the event in Manchester, sharing the stage with the KSI versus Tommy Fury matchup.

The excitement surrounding the bout took an unexpected turn when a heated exchange between the two stars escalated into chaos. This left the YouTuber-turned-WWE star Paul pouring with blood, and there were worries that the match would be at risk.

Paul impulsively hurled a bottle of his Prime drink at Danis, leading to a retaliatory strike. As security scrambled to intervene, Danis swiftly aimed a microphone at Logan’s head that made contact with a resounding thud.

The impact left the 28-year-old Paul clutching his face, as a deep cut opened his cheek.

Following the altercation, Danis took to social media and posted an image of blood-stained flooring with a caption that read: “Play with fire get burnt p***y.”

After the occurrence, Mams Taylor was originally unable to offer an update on Paul’s condition.

Dispelling doubts, Paul took to Twitter to reassure fans. He first tweeted: “This Saturday we catching a predator.”

He then shared a selfie, wearing dark goggles above the pronounced swelling and cut on his left cheek. He posted the photo with the caption: “Can’t see the haterz.”

Despite the setback, sources indicate that the bout is going to happen.

Paul has not entered a boxing ring since his fight with Floyd Mayweather in 2021. He has turned into a professional wrestler and has achieved quite a lot working with the WWE.

On the other hand, Bellator MMA welterweight Danis is preparing to step back into the limelight after a hiatus of over four years. Fans are set to see who will win the bout eventually.