Liver King’s former trainer comes clean, confirms he was the source of the leak

Liver King is a well-liked wellness expert and has gained fame as a result of his inspirational videos and content about diet and exercise. Since being thrust into the spotlight, there has been a lot of debate regarding whether the content producer is natural or uses PEDs.

His extraordinary physique doesn’t really pass the eye test but he had repeatedly lied to people’s faces when confronted about the suspicions of PED use.

Fastforward to earlier this month when Derek of MPMD youtube channel produced a video in which he shared leaked emails in which Liver King (born Brian Johnson) asked for help and guidance in fine tuning his PED stack.

The authenticity of the leaked email was never really questioned due to the fact Derek of MPMD revealed he found very similar emails from a Liver King employee in his inbox. From the get go, trainer Vigorous Steve was suspected as the leaker due to the fact there was a big timezone difference between Liver King and the trainer in the email – not to mention there was talk of medical tests the trainer was undergoing – which Vigorous Steve also vlogged about around that time.

Who leaked Liver King’s PED stack?

“Yes, that was indeed my old questionnaire. And yes, I am the guy that shared those private e-mails with Derek from MPMD. ” – Vigorous Steve started in his video acknowledging he is the source for the leak.

The main thing here in relation to Steve is did he breach confidentiality by leaking the emails and he addresses this early on saying:

“But there were plenty of people out there who believed the lie up until the documentary was released. Hypothetical question for you:. If somebody signs up for coaching A, you have to refund them after two or three weeks of miscommunication and a ton of red flags, does that really count as coaching? I felt very conflicted about this entire situation for the last one and a half years.”

The emails cited originated in a span of couple months in 2021.

“But after I saw the apology video and the statement by Paul Saladino, I felt horrible. I should have released this information months ago, the first time this guy started to claim natural publicly. If you want to know why I broke my own moral code and went against the cardinal rule of online coaching”

Steve went on to say that he believes Johnson’s video apology is disingenuous and that his claim to be under doctor supervised TRT is obviously bogus.

“Take it from me. Nobody else on this planet looks like that’s on TRT just by itself. And when you look at the timeline of when he started getting popular, now he looks better. Now he looks leaner, now he looks fuller. ”

“Looking back on it, I honestly think that he wasn’t truthful and transparent on the questionnaire either. He just gave me enough information to help him fixes IGF one levels, but his bloodwork results weren’t very representative of the cycle that he presented to me, not regarding the use of anabolic androgenic ster0ids.”

“What I do know is that physique is not very representative of testosterone replacement therapy dose, which is medically accepted.”

This is addressing the part of Liver King’s apology in which he claims:


Steve also explained what led them to part ways and him to refund the Liver King:

“I was quite busy. I guess he was very busy as well because we had a lot of miscommunication and the coach client relationship only ended up lasting 2 to 3 weeks. I asked him to do additional health screening going forward.”

“He told me he felt fine. That’s a huge red flag for me. I’ve heard this 100 times before from competitive bodybuilders. They’re very reluctant to really get their health in order knowing that this was going to turn into a headache and wanting to phase out the coaching services anyway, I decided to refund him his money. I told him we were not going to be a good match and it never heard from him again.”