Lia Thomas issue may sway voters to turn Colorado red

The democratic party has always been strong in Colorado. The State voted blue in presidential elections since 2004. Since 2006, all but one Senator elected by the state were from the Democratic party.

Despite that, Republican senate candidate for this year’s mid-terms Eli Bremer believes that the issue regarding the participation of trans individuals in sports, generally associated with the transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, might turn the tide in favor of the Republican party.

Bremer, a former Olympic athlete, was a member of the U.S. Olympic Committee that investigated the Larry Nassar controversy.

Now Senate candidate for Colorado, Eli Bremer believes that the issue of transgender sports can help Republicans turn the tables on Democrats’ “war on women” rhetoric.

The general feeling of the American people is that transgender athletes should not be allowed to compete in sports against biological females. According to Gallup, 62% of Americans (including 41% percent of Democrats), believe that trans athletes should only be allowed to play on sports teams that correspond with their birth gender.

For this reason, candidate Eli Bremer believes that ruling Senator Michael Benett’s (Democrat – Colorado) inaction on passing legislation that would protect women’s sports will help him win the Senate chair.

“This is a lethal issue for Michael Bennett because historically Democrats have said that Republicans are the ones who don’t stand up for women, but the tables are completely turned now,” Bremer told Fox News. “I am a Republican who helped lead the efforts to end sexual abuse in the Olympics, and now I’m leading on this issue.”

“Michael Bennett refuses to stand with women,” the Republican added. “This could be a defining issue in the November election.”

Candidate Eli Bremer even posted on his official website, an article titled “Lia Thomas issue may be key for turning Colorado red”. In fact, the former olympian has harsh criticism for identity politics commonly associated with democrats.

“I think most Democrats know this is wrong,” Bremer told Fox News. “The Left is looking more and more absurd when they come out and say Lia Thomas has no advantage. You can’t deny that a biological male has an advantage, especially post-pubescent.”

“I will say that federal legislation should be based on biology, not identity,” the candidate stated.

Transgender Law Center posted results from the most comprehensive set of polling and focus group research back in January.

The biggest finding in the 13 page report concerns Trans athletes. While most of the topics covered in the document feature actual numbers – the numbers are so bad for trans athletes in sports they’re not even included.

 Right now. Our opposition wins the debate on trans youth and sports against any and all arguments we have tried for our side, there is a huge gap in awareness and concern. With most base and persuadable respondents unaware of proposals regarding transgender girls participation in sports, while a strong majority of our opposition has heard some or a lot about it.