Lia Thomas backlash: Teammates asked to seek counseling if they were ‘uncomfortable seeing male genitalia’

Former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines has recently come forward with eyebrow raising revelations about the presence of Lia Thomas, a transgender swimmer, on the women’s NCAA Division I championship team.

Gaines, who tied with Thomas in the 200-meter freestyle final in 2022, has been vocal about her concerns regarding the inclusion of transgender athletes in women’s sports.

In a candid interview with Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, Gaines disclosed the challenges her female teammates faced and the emotional pressure they endured.

Female Teammates Asked to Adjust or Seek Counseling

Gaines exposed the college administration’s approach when her female teammates expressed discomfort with Lia Thomas’ presence on the team.

“When [female teammates] sent an email to their administration expressing, along with their parents on the email, expressing their discomfort in the locker room, their administration responded back with, if you feel uncomfortable, seeing male genitalia in your locker room, here are some counseling resources that you should seek,” she said.

According to Gaines, the administration discouraged any opposition and recommended counseling for those who were uncomfortable.

The situation raised concerns among the teammates and their parents, as they felt their valid concerns were being dismissed. This response only added to the growing tension within the team.

Emotional Blackmail and Dire Consequences

Gaines further revealed that everyone on the team was subjected to emotional blackmail, with dire consequences looming over them if they spoke out against Thomas’ inclusion. The athletes were told that taking a stance could jeopardize their future prospects, including potential job opportunities, graduate school admissions, friendships, playing time, and scholarships.

This tactic put an immense burden on the athletes, making them feel silenced and trapped. Gaines emphasized the emotional toll this coercion took on the team, describing it as both traumatizing and gaslighting.

Riley Gaines’ Lawsuit Against Lia Thomas

In a separate incident, former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines filed a $2 million lawsuit against Lia Thomas, the NCAA Division 1 championship and transwoman swimmer.

Gaines alleged that she was assaulted during a visit to San Francisco State University, where she expressed her opposition to the inclusion of transgender athletes in women’s sports. The altercation occurred after Gaines criticized Thomas for being awarded recognition during Women’s History Month.

In response, Thomas referred to Gaines as a ‘pampered child’ and mocked her in a TikTok video. The lawsuit claims that Thomas’ actions amounted to fraud, causing significant emotional distress to Gaines, who felt that her hard-earned achievement had been undermined.