LGBTQ+ Boxing advocate wants UFC to discipline Bisping for verbal slip up

In a bid for LGBTQ+ inclusivity within combat sports, the UFC faces calls for accountability from World Gay Boxing Championships CEO, Martin Stark, following commentator Michael Bisping’s recent slip of the tongue.

During a live broadcast, former middleweight champion Bisping inadvertently used the term “gay” in a derogatory context, prompting Stark to highlight the UFC’s conspicuous silence in response to the incident. Despite Bisping’s swift acknowledgment and regret for the remark, Stark advocates for a more proactive stance from the UFC against homophobia.

Former UFC icon Michael Bisping was recently embroiled in a homophobic scandal during a heated exchange at UFC 298.

In the midst of discussing the unfolding events, Bisping inadvertently sparked controversy with a hot-mic moment. While referring to a contender, he exclaimed ‘what a guy.’

The 44-year-old finished his segment, but the camera did not cut right away. It lingered, capturing a moment where Bisping was seemingly unaware of the camera still running. Bisping criticized his own comments, uttering ‘f*****g gay.’

He said: “What a guy?’ That’s ‘f*****g gay. Come on.”

Stark, a staunch advocate for LGBTQ+ representation in sports, emphasizes the broader implications of such language, particularly for vulnerable individuals within the community. He underscores the importance of the UFC taking a firm stance against discriminatory language to uphold the values of respect and equality.

“While acknowledging individuals’ rights to freedom of speech, it’s imperative for the UFC to address instances of homophobia promptly,” Stark asserted to dailystar. “The absence of a clear response from the UFC raises questions about its commitment to fostering an inclusive environment within the sport.”

Stark draws attention to the disconnect between the UFC’s purported values and its response to incidents of discrimination, urging the promotion to align its actions with the principles of inclusivity championed by its parent company, Endeavor. He emphasizes the need for tangible measures to support LGBTQ+ representation and combat discrimination within the UFC and mixed martial arts as a whole.