Leon Edwards knocks out Kamaru Usman to become the new Welterweight champion at UFC 278

Leon Edwards went into UFC 278 with quite a bang. Edwards managed to capture the back and had a decent shot to snatch the W from Usman in the first. Usman barely managed to defend power out Round 1.

Throughout Rounds 2 to 5 Usman asserted his powerful wrestling game and was winning clinching exchanges.

Usman was 2 minutes away from breaking Anderson Silva’s record and keeping his title when Leon Edwards landed a side kick straight to Usman’s chin.

Usman was knocked out cold, fell with his head bouncing off the canvas twice. Referee Herb Dean was uncharacteristically timely in his reaction and managed to call it off.

Leon Edwards was very stricken by emotion and had exclaimed ‘Look at me now’ repeatedly. His Rocky theme was played in the background.

Cormier and Rogan are super honest in that Edwards was counted out.


Ahead of UFC 278, Edwards believes the only fight that can happen next is their trilogy match.

“I believe so. I believe so. When I go out there and beat him, like I said, he’s been a dominant champion for a little while now, so when I go out there and take the belt off him, I can see #3 happening straight away. And from there, we’ll figure out what’s next,” said Edwards in an interview with MMA Junkie.