KSI debuts most expensive mouthguard in the world ahead of Tommy Fury event

In just a matter of days, the highly anticipated clash between Tommy Fury and KSI will electrify the ring.

Initially labeled as an exhibition match, this face-off between the two has now been officially listed as a professional bout by BoxRec.

While the British Boxing Board of Control has yet to grant official sanctioning for this upcoming showdown, the stage is set. The event will take place on Saturday, 14th October, in Manchester.

Adding to the excitement, Logan Paul is slated to go head-to-head with Dillon Danis on the same night.

Fury calls himself a ‘caped crusader,’ and has won all nine of his professional bouts since making his debut in December 2018.

On the other side, KSI gears up to face this formidable opponent with a mouthguard that can only be described as opulent. Embedded with a staggering ‘108 individual high clarity diamonds,’ this marvel was crafted by a team of 16 skilled experts.

In addition to the silver diamonds adorning the design, the centerpiece proudly showcases his brand ‘PRIME’ in vivid green. It has been meticulously crafted with gold leaf and studded with 50 individual diamonds.

As if that weren’t lavish enough, it’s also been hand-gilded with 24-carat gold.

A video captures KSI’s exuberant reaction to the jaw-dropping creation by SafeJawz. He was extremely excited.

He makes a joke about regretting it if he accidentally flings it into the crowd. One lucky soul would undoubtedly have a day to remember if that dazzling mouthguard were to find its way into their hands.

Valued at an astonishing £41,000, the diamond-encrusted PRIME SafeJawz mouthguard is a true marvel.

KSI said: “Oh man, I can’t wait. This is going to be f***ing sick bro. Going to be such a good day. This is the most detailed mouthguard I’ve ever seen, I’ve ever had. It’s phenomenal man.”

As the momentous showdown approaches, Fury asserted “I’m like kind of the ‘caped crusader’ of all this YouTube boxing. They all want to see me come in and destroy these guys.”

“But one’s already been done. This one will be done in a matter of weeks, and then it’s on to the next challenge. People want to see these guys get knocked out.”