KSI comments on run in with Conor McGregor: ‘It was really weird’

Olajide Olayinka Williams (famously known as KSI) recently shared intriguing details about his encounter with UFC sensation Conor McGregor. This incident unfolded just last month, creating quite a buzz among combat sports enthusiasts.

In the vibrant atmosphere of London’s iconic O2 Arena, August witnessed a thrilling showdown between former unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and the Finnish powerhouse Robert Helenius. At one point in the evening, McGregor found himself in the ring and used the occasion to make fun of KSI. He was watching the event from ringside.

In a candid YouTube video, he recalled the encounter. KSI said: “I think we all know what he said. Something about me not knowing how to box, I think he was off his face and then he was forcing his s*ssy drink down AJ’s throat. Yeah, it was really weird.”

The social media sensation will make a comeback to the ring on October 14 to face Tommy Fury, an unbeaten British contender. In Manchester, the duo will be the main event of Misfits Boxing’s ‘The PRIME Card.’

Reflecting on McGregor’s behavior, KSI mused: “Conor’s a weird guy, man. I think he was trying to set up a fight, I think he wants to fight me, especially after what I do to Tommy [Fury]. I can see him getting excited and being like ‘Yeah, I want a piece of that’ and you know what? Fair. We’ll see, we’ll see if I’m down, we’ll see if I want to retire, see if I want to fight Jake [Paul] or Conor. I don’t know but I’ve got options, let me focus on Tommy first.”

The prospect of retirement looms on KSI’s horizon after the bout with Tommy Fury. However, lucrative matchups against formidable opponents like Jake Paul could potentially extend his tenure in the ring.

While KSI is undoubtedly game for a face-off with Conor McGregor, it remains uncertain if the Irish powerhouse would entertain a bout with a YouTube sensation who boasts only one professional fight—a controversial split-decision victory over Logan Paul in 2019.