KSI books himself to box against pro boxer in addition to rapper friend on the same night

KSI will box against two opponents in a first, after he was universally slammed for tagging rapper to replace youtuber Alex Wassabi who suffered a concussion during the preparation for the event.

KSI said today that he will be facing off against two opponents on August 27. A professional boxer will be his second opponent.

“Guys, this is absolutely absurd what KSI just did here,” Jake Paul said in a video published on Twitter.

“He is now fighting one of his friends. Talk about getting paid to take a dive. He is fighting a rapper, that is his friend, they’ve made songs together, who has never fought before.”

Swarmz was a hot topic for all of last week considering he’s admitted to never having boxed before. This turned his fans against him with the majority ridiculing the choice to face someone with no experience and with just a few weeks of notice.

The YouTuber, singer, boxer, and actor may have felt the heat from the outrage and decided to step it up. The 29-year-old joked that he would be battling a professional boxer by the name of Ivan Nikolov in addition to Jake Paul.

Despite being a professional boxer, Nikolov’s record of three victories, 16 defeats, and three ties is quite unimpressive. He is 43 years old and is 5 feet, 8.5 inches tall, whereas KSI is the taller less experienced albeit much younger opponent.

KSI continued on social media: “Alex Pussabi pulled out, so I had to do the unthinkable. 2 fights in one night. Never done before in YouTube Boxing. And to top it off, the other opponent is a pro boxer. August 27th baby, LET’S GOOO!!!!”