KSI blasts body builder for knocking down Sneako in sparring

Famous influencer KSI defended Sneako following a sparring session with bodybuilder Bradley Martyn. KSI believes that Bradley went too far.

Famous bodybuilder and social media personality Bradley Martyn has gained more attention ever since he touched upon combat sports. The 34-year-old made a bold claim that he could defeat several renowned boxers and mixed martial artists in a street brawl due to his size, despite having little experience on the subject.

Due to this, many influencers want to spar with him to test whether his huge frame can really be relied on. The most recent influencer who sparred with Martyn was Sneako, a controversial social media personality.

After attending Martyn’s podcast, Sneako had a friendly sparring session with Martyn a few days ago. Martyn absolutely dominated Sneako, landing several shots on Sneako’s head. Not just that. He also knocked Sneako down.

After that, the clip went viral with people criticizing Martyn. Many believe that Martyn went way too hard especially knowing that he has a bigger and stronger physique compared to Sneako. In contrast, Sneako has an average build and has little to no zero in combat sports.

The critics didn’t just come from fans, but also from fellow influencers. Famous Youtuber KSI also weighed in on the topic. The 30-year-old Englishman took to his social media account to slam Martyn for not knowing how to hold back in a sparring session. He also suggested that they should’ve worn safety gear if they wanted to spar like that.

“As much as I hate Sneako, this is pretty stupid from Bradley. The weight difference between them is ridiculous. Should be wearing head guards at least.” KSI wrote.

KSI defended Sneako even though they had beef a while back. The two had a heated exchange on social media to the point that KSI challenged Sneako to face him in the ring to prove how “alpha” Sneako is.

As for Sneako, it is likely that he will pick up boxing gloves and perform in the squared circle soon. He has been showing interest lately and fans are eager to see him box one of Sidemen members Behzinga.