Kopylov pieces up Di Chirico for a face plant TKO

Kopylov just gave an interesting performance against Alessio Di Chirico at UFC Paris. What the card lacks in star power it makes up in locals. With Di Chirico hailing out of Italy and Kopylov hailing out of Russia.

The two went a minute into round 3 before Kopylov scored an impressive face plant TKO. Kopylov was piecing up Di Chirico from the get go however the even was close until Kopylov listened to his corner. Ahead of round 3 both corners were calling for body kicks. Kopylov would be the only to listen. He scored a body kick that even though it was checked left a lasting impression on Di Chirico who backed away to the fence and struggled to regain composure.

Roman Kopylov’s displayed good striking but he’s still somewhat inactive by UFC standards, gunshy per say. Something that definitely needs to be addressed moving forward.

Kopylov hurled a flurry at the fence and dropped Alessio Di Chirico face down on the ground. With the walk off, ref stepped in to call it off.

An absolutely ruthless finish from Roman Kopylov.

Roman Kopylov defeats Alessio Di Chirico by KO (Punches) at 1:09 of round three.

Kopylov ended two bout losing streak with this victory. His MMA record now stands at 9 wins and 2 losses at age 32. Meanwhile Di Chirico is now settled with an MMA record consisting of 13 wins and 7 losses. Di Chirico has been in the UFC since 2016.