KOed Fighter Keeps Fighting Opponent After Ref Calls It Off

In MMA we’re used to seeing a myriad of peculiar things happening. But this latest case is something we don’t see that often – the fight carrying on after a ref calls it off.

At the UFL 8 (Ultimate Fight League 8) event in London, England last night a fight kept on going. As seen in the video the fighter in the white shorts got badly wobbled and finished with a barrage of strikes. The ref stepped in and called it – only for the man to notice his opponent is walking away and get back into fight mode immediately.

The fighter that won noticed his opponent getting back into the fight, seemingly out of it. He responded by going for a takedown. Once the KOed fighter lost momentum he was told what had happened.
Watch the hilarious video below. Fair warning – the commentary team is going bonkers so we recommend dialing down the audio.