Kickboxing Champion Vlad Tuinov Scores Sensational Victory in 4th Boxing Match

Russian kickboxing sensation Vlad Tuinov, known as “The Diamond,” continues his undefeated streak in professional boxing with a spectacular victory at the Pravda Old School Boxing tournament. Tuinov, a 25-year-old lightweight champion, showcased his dominance against American boxer Eric Moon, culminating in a knockout that sent Moon out of the ring.

Tuinov, with a remarkable kickboxing record of 48 wins and 5 losses, transitioned to professional boxing last year and quickly made a name for himself. In this recent bout, held at the International Boxing Center in Moscow on December 22, Tuinov wasted no time asserting his superiority.

From the opening bell, Tuinov pressured Moon with a swift and powerful combination, highlighting the significant skill gap between the two fighters. As the match progressed, Tuinov’s dominance became even more evident, culminating in a decisive moment at the end of the first round.

In the final minute, Tuinov cornered Moon, unleashing a barrage of punches that dropped his opponent. Despite Moon getting back up, Tuinov continued his assault. With only 25 seconds remaining, Tuinov forced Moon against the ropes, delivering a swift combination that rendered Moon unconscious and caused him to fall out of the ring.

Moon’s inability to continue marked Tuinov’s victory, keeping his professional boxing record unblemished with a total of 4 wins. Tuinov’s transition from kickboxing to boxing continues to captivate fans, establishing him as a force to be reckoned with in both combat sports.