Khabib shoots down claims he could defeat Adesanya, adds Adesanya deserves respect

Khabib Nurmagomedov has never been thrilled with marketing. Previously Nurmagomedov shot down reports from his own promotion that he might be grappling Georges St Pierre.

The latest claim to get debunked is one made by his own manager.

Abdelaziz represents Kamaru Usman as well as a number of other aces including Nurmagomedov. As of late, the problematic MMA insider has been bothered by the ‘African Unity’ between Usman, Ngannou and Adesanya and has tried to float the idea of Usman fighting Adesanya repeatedly.

When that didn’t fly he went so far as to claim that Khabib Nurmagomedov (who fought at 155lbs) could defeat the reigning 185 lbs champion Israel Adesanya.

“I’m gonna say something, and I know a lot of people [are] gonna talk bad [about it]… Khabib now weighs 200 pounds. If Khabib comes tomorrow and cut to 185, he will stop Israel Adesanya in three rounds, this is my opinion. I see it. He beat heavyweights, light heavyweights, welterweights, lightweights. He’s unstoppable. He’s like a tractor trailer.”

“Styles, if Khabib wants to come back and talk with Dana White, say, ‘Let me fight at middleweight,’ he will finish Israel Adesanya in three rounds because of the style of fights. [Adesanya] cannot stop his wrestling, he cannot stop his grappling. Striking, of course, Israel is the best striker on this planet. But he (Khabib) can come back and fight at middleweight and become a champion today.” Abdelaziz added.

Khabib was recently asked to address these claims during the Hall of fame induction red carpet. And he seemed very unenthused by the notion.

Nurmagomedov was direct:

“No. I’m not gonna fight at 185 lbs, I’m not gonna fight him. Right now, this is his time. Don’t try to take his greatness, you know?”

“How many years was he middle weight champion? Three? Four? I think he deserves some respect.”