Khabib Nurmagomedov set to leave MMA ‘completely and irrevocably’

Khabib Nurmagomedov spent the majority of his life in mixed martial arts.

Nurmagomedov has retired from his professional MMA career undefeated (29-0). He’s now very determined to become a noteworthy promoter. And coach.

Khabib has been in the UFC since 2012. He finally won the Lightweight division title in 2018. He successfully defended the title 3 times.

He’s a true star in the sport and had acquired Eagle FC since his retirement however the promotion has been hindered by sanctions Russian citizens are facing operating on US soil. The promotion held a single event in May of last year and has been unable to do another one since.

Nurmagomedov was on hand to celebrate Islam Makhachev’s title win at UFC 280 in Abu Dhabi but it seems that Nurmagomedov now wishes to distance himself from the sport.

According to Russian reporter Igor Lazorin, Nurmagomedov might be completely and irrevocably done with MMA.

Lazorin published a post on his telegram outlining his insights into the Dagestani MMA champion:

“Khabib Nurmagomedov will leave MMA completely and irrevocably. People started talking about this after his post about summing up the results of the year, where he wrote “about a difficult decision.”

It is a “tough decision” to reduce one’s own participation in MMA. Here we are talking about coaching, about participating in training camps, and about attending almost all tournaments. I think that Khabib was simply tired and realized that it is very energy-consuming and hard to be everywhere. It’s hard and emotional. Yes, I think that he will no longer train anyone. But occasionally he will train with the team – this is his life, it is necessary to keep fit.

Will he sell EFC? I don’t think. Now his constant participation in the affairs of the league is not required, it is managed by other people. He will also be able to attend tournaments, but perhaps less often than before. I think Khabib will focus on his family and other non-MMA businesses.”

Lazorin’s inquiry was prompted by Nurmagomedov’s recent posting on Instagram in which he said:

“Concluding the year.

The year certainly turned out to be a very busy and successful.

Take care of yourself brothers 🤝

I hope my decision is only for the best, a big hug to you all об

Thank you, you were a big reason for my success in sports.”

While some might doubt Lazorin as a source it’s important to note that he’s previously reported accurately on a number of other developments related to Dagestani athletes. Lazorin famously broke the news of Hasbulla Magomedov signing a promotional deal with UFC among other news.

Many believed that Nurmagomedov has a future in coaching however this new revelation casts a shadow of a doubt on that. Regardless, we wish Nurmagomedov all the best in his future endeavors.