Khabib & Makhachev Condemn cheater Tim Elliott, share evidence

Khabib Nurmagomedov had a rough weekend in spite of getting the news he will be inducted into the UFC Hall of fame. The 29-0 phenom lost his first fight in the UFC – as a coach. This comes just a month after a different student of his dropped decision to Benson Henderson at Bellator.

To achieve this feat, Tim Elliott used every trick in the book. He threw knees to the head of a grounded opponent, inserted his fingers in the glove of Ulanebekov (several times), eye poked and used more of dirty tactics. Considering the sheer amount of cheats he used – he was asked about it after the fight. And he flat out admitted to it.

In spite of everything that’s happening outside of the world of sports – many MMA fans were upset by the fact the referee did nothing to penalize Elliot. And the commentary team didn’t help matters either – they praised Elliot as using ‘veteran’ moves – a well known euphemism to make light of cheating.

This was particularly shocking coming from Michael Bisping – who had lost his eye, albeit to a different kind of cheating.

Now Ulanbekov’s team containing former lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and current lightweight contender Islam Makhachev weighed in on the subject.

Nurmagomedov shared the following video compilation of dirty moves utilized by Elliot on his instagram story.

“Referee was sleeping,” wrote Nurmagomedov along with the video, expressing his anger over the loss over the footage of cheating.

Meanwhile Makhachev took the time to write a lengthy response.

“This fight clear example of so called. “dirty fighter”.

To make so many intentional fouls in one fight, you don’t see that often.
1. Clearly intentional eye poke in the clinch. (That affected the whole fight after)
2. Twice knee to the grounded opponent
3. Grabbing a glove multiple times during exchanges
4. Very clearly Grabbing the glove during grappling (you can’t stick your fingers into opponent’s glove, it’s illegal )

But I’m more surprised with the referee that let him do everything he wanted to.

Still I’m very proud with my brother Tagir’s performance and he accepted this unfair L.”


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Having seen the footage it’s incredibly hard to not be upset. However there are limited options for Ulanbekov after the fight – UFC is notoriously adamant to not overturn any fight results because it might compromise the relationship with the Athletic commission in addition to compromising the credibility of UFC.