Khabib Accuses Referee Herb Dean of Letting McGregor Cheat

The undefeated MMA veteran Khabib Nurmagomedov fought the infamous Conor McGregor in a lightweight title fight at UFC 229 in October 2018. On that phenomenal fight, after dominating the fight for 4 rounds, Khabib successfully put McGregor in a rear-naked choke and made the Irish man tap out.


However, a lot of people noticed McGregor used illegal moves during the fight which led McGregor to win one of the rounds. McGregor grabbed the fence multiple times and even tried to land illegal ’12-6′ elbows on his opponent.


McGregor actually admitted to using one cheat – in a very long list of cheats which he used against Nurmagomedov.


In a video uploaded to Twitter, Khabib talked with the referee, Herb Dean, and joked as if McGregor paid him to side with McGregor. Khabib asked his coach about how much Dean got paid to be unfair.


“Coach, how much do you think they paid him?” Asked Khabib and his coach responded by asking the ref “I don’t know; Herb, how much?”.


Herb Dean, answered, “I was trying to do a good job.” Not stopping there, the coach continued to ask “Were you well-compensated, though?”.


Dean, who was playing along with the joke, answered “That’s the thing; I’ve never been well-compensated.” Khabib even added that he already forgive him for letting McGregor cheat “Coach, it’s okay I forgive him”.


On McGregor’s side, talking about the illegal moves, The Notorious took to his Twitter account and started a rant. The Irish star insisted that it was only natural for a fighter in that position to deliver a knee shot.


“The knee into the eye socket was illegal yes, from this position. A beauty tho. Never before seen shot. Like many of my shots. I use the mount defense leg as a springboard, loading the knee below it. Release and straight to the eye socket. Smashed it in! @joerogan. Hey, Dana” Wrote McGregor.


He even said that the move should be allowed for a fighter who got put in that position.


“This strike should not be illegal. Should actually be enshrined! Look at him cower his head after it and keep it tucked. Kept honest! The guy is latched onto my arm not letting go. Everything bar biting and gouging should be permitted here. Are we fighting or what are we doing here?” Said McGregor.


Khabib Nurmagomedov retired in March 2021 with a spectacular score of 29-0 in all of his professional MMA career. The Eagle is currently focusing on his new academy with Clarence Seedorf. Meanwhile, Conor McGregor is on recovery due to a leg injury and plan to return in mid-2022.