Kevin Holland called out Brendan Schaub for a boxing match after UFC 279 conspiracy

Kevin Holland has been trying to keep the media momentum going after receiving the highest profile clash of his career on a day’s notice.

While Holland is an interesting athlete he’s been exposed several times over for his lack of wrestling which led to consecutive defeats to Marvin Vettori and Derek Brunson. Holland had cited he would be working on his wrestling but the improvement wasn’t exactly clear against Chimaev.

In the fall out from the loss he claimed he had retired. Holland has been one of those UFC company men that claim the UFC pays fairly which is likely how he got fed a couple of slow pitches to rebuild himself after a move down from middleweight to welterweight.

But even during the short time he was ‘retired’ he had made a boxing challenge. Holland apparently took offense at some of the stuff Brendan Schaub was saying in lead up to UFC 279.

Schaub parroted a Pat Miletich theory that UFC brass was behind Chimaev weight miss due to UFC 279 PPV sales trending down. Dana White ridiculed the theory and as did Joe Rogan.

“Well, Brendan Schaub, he’s always like, saying weird stuff. And so I’ve seen him say something that I thought was weird. So then I was like, messaged his like, people, you know, mean, I guess I thought it was Schaub’s page. But I guess it’s his people like, I don’t know, how? I’m not letting nobody run my Instagram? I will let somebody run my Twitter, you know what I mean?”

“All the hot girls are on Instagram, so I got to keep people. Yeah. So yeah, like I messaged him was like what’s up with what you said and they were like, ‘Oh, this isn’t Schaub’. And then I felt kind of dumb, you know? Yeah. And I’m like, Well, tell him.”

“But yeah, no, I message them. They want me to come on the show, but I think Schaub should just come on our show. But if I go on his show or if he comes on our show, maybe we should just do a co show thing. But we got to get some boxin rounds in for the little fly stuff he be saying.”