Kevin Holland blasts Logan Paul’s co after getting offered $600 for sponsored post

PRIME has been named the “Official Global Sports Drink of UFC”. This partnership came as a surprise to many due to the fact UFC has been partnered with Monster Energy drink for years and the two can be perceived as rivals.

Not to mention that Prime is in part owned by Logan Paul whose brother has been putting UFC on blast for their shoddy pay model that stiffs the athletes.

Kevin Holland recently called out PRIME for offering him merchandise instead of payment to promote the product on his social media channels

. In a clip from his Real Eyes Recognize YouTube show, Holland criticized the company’s lack of payment, despite claiming to be advocates for athlete pay. PRIME offered Holland’s manager only $600 for a main page post, which he found insulting.

“I think they offered Oren [Kevin Holland’s manager] like $600 for a main page post,” he continued. “I don’t know if this was the company or not, it’s either they offered $600 or no money at all for a main page post, which is pretty f—ing low. They offered $500 to somebody with 200,000 followers.”

While Holland did promote the brand a little, stating that the drink is not terrible, he made it clear that PRIME is not an advocate. Despite this, the brand has become a hot topic, with many people, including celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, drinking the product and talking about it without getting paid.

Logan Paul and KSI even travelled to Australia to attend UFC 284 – where they were booed by fans.