Karate teacher tried to win in an MMA fight after training for just a month

Jesse Enkamp, a karate teacher and YouTuber, has taken on a professional MMA fighter after just 30 days of training.

With the support of his brother, Bellator welterweight Oliver Enkamp, the self-styled “Karate Nerd” has accelerated his MMA growth.

Jesse learned the three key principles of takedown defense in his first week of training: distance control, fighting off takedown attempts, and scrambling out of a takedown before your opponent maintains their position.

Enkamp spent week two focusing on combining striking with grappling and wall-work routines before putting his new talents to the test with sparring in week three.

Jesse was finally ready for “fight week,” during which he concentrated on active recuperation in preparation for his showdown with a 13-fight MMA veteran. Enkamp began the match in a karate stance but was forced to change stances after exposing himself to calf kicks.

After his opponent attempted a takedown, Jesse got the opportunity to demonstrate his defensive talents, even trying a guillotine choke. However, Enkamp said he didn’t have the power to pull off the upset submission since his arms were already weary from fighting.

“I’m not used to this isometric tension of the grappling, so my arms were so gassed,” Jesse said.

Enkamp was knocked out early in round two, but he escaped with minor injuries and quickly got back to his feet. Jesse said that he was beginning to feel the pressure that only a lifetime of wrestling can prepare you for.

“My cardio was ok, I was not too exhausted,” Jesse stated. “But I remember the lactic acid in my arms especially. I’m used to striking a lot, but not this isometric tension, which is that wrestling strength.”

Jesse attempted a few kicks in the third round but conceded that they never presented a problem for his opponent. He was knocked down again but was able to complete the battle on his feet. Despite losing the decision, Jesse performed well and saw the experience as pleasant.

“I enjoyed it, I learned a lot,” Jesse added. “I love to challenge myself… I was happy for him to win, because this is his thing. I’m not supposed to win at this, I’m just this karate nerd who goes in there… He deserved to win, and I had fun anyway.”