Kamaru Usman would fight Jake Paul if he believed he had the power to sell PPVs

The UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman was brutally honest with the social media stars Jake and Logan Paul. Usman recently shaded both adding that Logan and Jake Paul make a lot of noise but not a lot of money.

Both  are famous and have a huge young fan base. With the popularity, Jake Paul gained huge success with the switch to boxing. Forbes list pegs him as having made around $45 million in 2021. Of course this includes his youtube channel.

UFC P2P king Kamaru Usman believes their success was a result of another factor. According to him, their opponents are the ones who bring the actual PPV buys. People are willing to give their money not to see Jake or Logan, but to see them beat by a legitimate fighter. Usman believes this is exemplified by the exhibition match between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather.

During the same talk with Club Shay Shay, Usman was asked if he’d fight either Logan or Jake Paul. The 34-year-old champion said that he isn’t against it.

“Absolutely. These guys, they making a lot of noise. That’s good. They got the YouTubers, and they got the new generation, these new kids involved and watching them. That’s fine. But they don’t equate to dollars. It’s not them. Jake Paul, he says, ‘We doing these numbers.’ You can add up every fight Jake Paul has had and their pay-per-view numbers weren’t more than what I did in my last fight. They can say whatever they want to say. He can say this or that.” Usman said.

Lastly, Usman added that he would fight Jake Paul in a boxing ring. However, ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ set a huge demand. He said he’d fight Jake only if he gets paid $100 million.

“Write me a check for $100M Jake Paul, I’ll be there to kick your ass next week.” Usman said.


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