Julian Lane claims his IQ is “200%”

Julian Lane never ceases to disappoint the fans when it comes to delivering classic funny moments.

The MMA fighter turned bare-knuckle boxer became mostly known for his appearance in UFC’s reality show “The Ultimate Fighter”.

In what’s certainly one of the finest moments in American Television history, Julian Lane performed the now emblematic “let me bang bro” in the TV show.

In the video, Lane is seen instigating a fight with several contestants of the reality show, but eventually, when held back by his friends, he breaks down in tears as he utters:

“Let me bang bro!”… “Let me F***ing bang bro!”

His friend then goes on to comfort him and tell him while he holds him in his arms:

“I do… I do let you bang.”

Meme-wise, Lane might never be able to top that moment, however, Julian never ceases to disappoint his fans.

In a recent interview ahead of his bare-knuckle boxing fight against Mike Perry, Julian stated that his IQ is “200%” when he steps up in the ring.

“Our mind controls the body, you know what I mean?” Julian then goes on to say:

“When I get in there, that killer instinct,”

“the one that I don’t do outside the ring, it’s only in the ring,”

“It comes on and my IQ is 200%.”


Only a man with a 200% IQ could formulate such a sentence.

Ahead of one of the highest-profile fights of his career, the buildup for Lane vs Perry has been nothing but great.

The two fighters have already got into a brawl at a BKFC event:

And at the press conference for their fight, Perry even pulled out a bat to physically threaten Lane.

You can read that full story here.

Being 1-2 in his bare-knuckle boxing career, Lane will step in the ring for the fourth time as he faces bare-knuckle newcomer Mike Perry for the main event of KNUCKLEMANIA II, happening this Friday.