Judo Self Defense quickly defuses belligerent drunk

A peculiar scene took place in a fast food venue earlier today. The venue in question? The rumored worst rated restaurant in Swansea – Taco Bell. The restaurant is part of a huge fast food chain. Despite that, it fails to secure a bigger rating than just two stars out of five.

“Waste of money”


“Avoid” and “expected better”

These are just some of the reviews of this restaurant. But as one belligerent drunk came to find out – in spite of the bad rating the martial arts defense might be on point. Once the drunk charged at another employee- said employee was able to defuse the situation with a simple judo throw and render the drunk helpless.

The video went viral several hours after it first surfaced on reddit. The community was quick to pile on the misfortune of the drunkard saying

“Dude gonna be eating them tacos soft for a while..”

Some of the other notable comments about the incident included a fan montage of the slam with the WWE Undertaker tune montaged in the background.

“What are you doing?!” It’s called self defense, sir.” – another online commenter noted.

Due to the violent nature of the move many internet commenters criticized the employee that acted in self defense.

“His dodge and countermove where like clockwork. I can’t help but wonder if that guy had a background in wrestling or mixed martial arts of some sort.”

What do you think? Overkill or sufficient self defense?