Jorge Masvidal shows eye, accuses Colby Covington of cheating at UFC 272

Jorge Masvidal has been recovering from the 5 round war he underwent against Colby Covington this past weekend. At UFC 272, the two went the full five rounds with Covington scoring a convincing decision victory. At one point Covington was given a stern warning for an eye poke – even though the poke went initially unnoticed.

Masvidal was quick to point out the repercussions of the poke on his social media.

“Almost took eyes out but all good u cheating f–k see u soon”

Covington fans were quick to slam Masvidal for the accusation.

Regardless of how the fans feel – the fact is that Herb Dean acknowledged the eye poke in the beginning of Round 2 and gave Colby a stern warning.

Masvidal criticized Dean for his approach after the fight saying:

“Me and Herb Dean don’t have a clean record as it is. You know, we have had a couple of mishaps in the past and he’s not my cup of tea when it comes to refereeing.”

“There was also a low blow as well. I don’t know. Colby has always been a dirty fighter but I’m not gonna rely on that,” said Masvidal during the presser.

Masvidal has been trying to spin this defeat – the 37 year old star changed his social media pictures to the picture of a strike that got Covington down.

Convington was humorous in his take on the now infamous strike saying:

“I wasn’t dropped, I just took a knee for the first responders”. Colby told the media after the fight.