Jon Jones spent $3M on jewelry after UFC286, Miocic hopes to get a $1500 garden ornament if he wins this summer

UFC can be wildly uneven in how it compensates it’s stars. While stars of McGregor’s caliber rake in record payday complete with a PPV percentage, others have a very basic rate. After all, UFC’s parent company did just release a 2022 earnings report detailing their cost saving efforts when it comes to athletes.

One star not affected by this at all was Jon Jones. Jones went on a cool $3 million shopping spree at a jeweler after his glorious return from a 3 year lay off during which he renegotiated his contract.

In a recent video uploaded to the official Happy Jewelry YouTube page, it was revealed that a high-end customer, Jones, had spent a whopping $3,000,000 on the brand’s luxurious products. The video showcased some of the most coveted pieces from Happy Jewelry’s collection, including diamond-studded necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.

Jones is one of the only old school stars that are still remaining, with Rousey and Nurmagomedov retired and permanently out of the game.

One heavyweight champion who keeps a modest life and even works a daytime job is Former UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic.

Miocic recently revealed how he plans to ‘splurge’ if he’s able to get a win over Jon Jones at their rumored clash this summer.

He told Michael Bisping’s BYM podcast:

“I’ve just always loved them,”

The interesting fact came up when Michael pointed out the gnomes behind Stipe on a shelf.

The gnome in question towers at 7-8 feet, according to Stipe, who is a fan of statues. He found it in a garden displayed in all its 8-foot glory in his neighborhood. It immediately captured his attention, and he knew he had to buy it.


He is facing some resistance from his wife about the purchase but hopes she will accept it as a trophy. Michael asked all the viewers to send out gnomes to be delivered to the heavyweight champ.

“I have two outside actually. True story. There’s one at a garden place down the road they have one that’s like seven to eight feet tall and it’s like 1500 bucks. My wife’s like ‘You are never getting it’. So I might… After this fight I’m getting it!”

The champ also has his eyes on an 8-foot statue of a Sasquatch but is waiting until his daughter has grown enough to not be terrified of the keep-sake.