Jon Jones laughs off Tyson Fury after he tries to finesse his way out of a challenge

Jon Jones is widely regarded as one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time. He recently made his heavyweight debut with a dominant victory over Ciryl Gane. This was just what the UFC needed considering the increased scrutiny they were getting over reigning champ Francis Ngannou deciding to become a free agent and subsequently leave.

Now Ngannou and Fury have flirted about boxing previously. UFC commentator Joe Rogan piggy backed off of this and recently praised Jon Jones outlining that he would be betting on Jones all day in a no holds barred scenario.

This prompted Fury to deliver a challenge.

However, in a recent Instagram story, Fury changed his tune, limiting the scope of the callout to boxing only. Jones, not one to back down, criticized Fury for the sudden change and engaged in some light-hearted banter.

Tyson Fury, in an Instagram story, addressed Jon Jones by highlighting that he was strictly referring to boxing when mentioning him. Fury emphasized that he is a boxer and considered himself the best in the sport.

He invited Jones to a boxing ring, asserting his dominance in that realm. Fury made it clear that he wanted Jones to contact him directly, without involving anyone else such as Dana White or other promoters.

While acknowledging Jones as a great, Fury emphasized that Jones is definitely not a boxer.

Jon JonesĀ  has responded fiercely to boxing legend Tyson Fury after Fury seemingly retracted his callout. He sarcastically pointed out the contradiction in Fury’s statements. Jones referenced Fury’s previous claim that “no man born from a mother can beat me” and contrasted it with Fury’s current statement that Jones could never defeat him in a boxing ring.

Looking ahead, Jon Jones has been linked to a potential matchup against former UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic in his next fight later this year.

However, Jones has also hinted at the possibility of retiring from MMA following this bout, casting doubt on any immediate move to boxing. While the exchange between Jones and Fury may have ignited speculation about a crossover fight, it remains uncertain if such an event will come to fruition.