Jon Jones Accepts Plea Deal To Resolve Latest Brush With The Law

Jon Jones is looking forward to leaving all the legal issues behind him. One of UFC’s biggest stars caused an incident the day after he was awarded with UFC Hall of Fame award.

On that faithful September 24th Jones was allegedly violent towards his girlfriend in front of their kids and damaged a police car. Jones followed that up by crying when the cops wouldn’t be intimidated, and even made a comedic escape attempt.

According to the police report from that day, his partner was covered in blood and visibly shaken up.

Considering that days after the attempt Jones and his girlfriend posted the following clip to story – it’s no wonder she’s not pressing charges against him. The couple have 3 girls together.

Jones captured the idyllic make out scene to John Legend’s Stay with you.

Jones originally was charged with felony tampering with a vehicle and misdemeanor domestic battery. The domestic battery charge was dropped, and Jones pleaded nolo contendere to destroying the property of another. Nolo contendere is a plea where a defendant accepts a conviction, but does not admit guilt.

This isn’t the first time Jones is skating by. He has had several run-ins with the law including multiple DUIs and a felony hit-and-run in 2015 (he had hit a pregnant woman with his car).

Following the arrest his longtime hometeam Jacksonwink gym suspended Jones leading him to join up with Henry Cejudo. UFC lowered his pound for pound standing and sat on their hands hoping to make it all go away in time for a debut in a new weight class.