Jon Jones 911 Call That Led to Arrest Leaks

Jon Jones is facing a big wake up call in his personal and professional life. While the UFC is unlikely to sanction him, the media attention is very critical as the details of the domestic abuse are leaking.

As a reminder the police report details:

  • police were dispatched in reference to a domestic disturbance that occurred in their hotel room. details of the call stated that battery occurred between a white female adult as she was bleeding from ‘her nose/mouth’ and a black male adult who is a professional MMA fighter
  • As Jones was detained walking off from the hotel property – he became irate and smashed his head onto the front hood of the LVMPD patrol vehicle leading a medium size dent and chipping some paint.
  • When the police caught up with Jones’ fiancé – she claimed the two hadn’t argued and were together until 22:30 when Jones went out with his friends. Upon his return she says ‘she was sleeping and Jones came back was not very happy’
  • When asked if things got physical she said “Um not to physical but a little bit yeah”
  • When prompted on how physical she replied that he touched the back of her head, pulled her head but denied he hit her. Police inquired as to why this occurred and the fiancé explained because “I was trying to leave the room”
  • There was blood on her clothing and a bump with dried up blood on the lower part of her lip as if she was in a physical altercation. She seemed unaware of the damage and prompted said “I know they are really dry”
  • The account of the hotel staff paints a disturbing picture. Security guard’s statement details Jones’ fiancé arrived to the security desk at 4:35 am bloodied up and asked to get a key to her room. The guard observed blood so he asked Moses if she was ok which lead to her beginning to tear up. When security asked if she felt scared to go back to the room she explained she was scared to go back to the room. She added she did not feel safe going back to the room so she was taken to the security officer with her children.
  • Then the youngest child asked “Can you call the cops”
  • Following the arrest the police wanted to conduct an interview with his fiance Jessie Moises however she did not want the interview recorded and did not want to fill out a voluntary statement.
  • The statement details she was in bed in the hotel room when Jon had returned after a night out drinking. She characterized him as aggressive but not violent. She wouldn’t provide detail about the aggressive behavior but said she did not feel safe in the room. She grabbed the 3 daughters and left the room. This is hen the hair pulling had occurred.
  • This is where her statement doesn’t appear to match the police report – she had dried blood around her lips, chin and all over her sweatshirt. There was even blood on the rear elbow portions of her sweatshirt. She also had a swollen lower lip, red mark to upper right cheek and was visibly upset and seemed scared to talk about Jon. She declined to allow the officers to take pictures of her injuries but allowed the police to inspect the hotel room.
  • In the hotel room there was blood on the bedsheets and shoes strewn about.
  • Upon the police inspection of the room she inquired “so how long do I have until he is out?” and seemed scared
  • Jones interview sheds some extra light on the subject. He is characterized as agitated. There’s some private issue that was causing tension in the relationship. The issue is redacted.
  • He couldn’t remember going back to the room after a night out. He initially said he said goodbye to her and the kids at the loading dock of the hotel but later said he returned to the hotel room to get $10.000 and telling the fiance he is going to a strip club. She allegedly had no issue with that but an argument started about the relationship. He couldn’t remember what happened when he left. He denied the hair pulling and seeing her with injuries.

Audio call leak is attached below