Johnny Walker reveals conversation with UFC 294 doctor that led to doctor’s stoppage

Johnny Walker recently shed light on the pivotal conversation with his doctor that led to the interruption of his bout against Magomed Ankalaev at UFC 294.

The clash between Walker and Ankalaev took place earlier this month. But the momentum shifted when the Russian competitor executed an illegal move, delivering a knee strike to Walker’s chin while he was in a downed position.

In response to this move, the referee had no choice but to step in. The ringside physician was summoned to evaluate Walker’s condition, leading to a significant discussion within the Octagon.

Shortly thereafter, acting on the doctor’s advice, the referee made the tough call to stop the contest.

Offering insight into the conversation, Walker stated: “He asked me if I wanted to continue the fight and I said ‘Yes’. I don’t want to say the wrong question because I knew that was an assessment – like he was doing the test right?”

When asked about his location, Walker promptly responded with “Abu Dhabi.”

Walker continued: “I’m in the ‘f***ing desert bro. I’m here. I’m good.”

Acknowledging the language barrier, Walker reflected: “I can speak good English [but] English was not the doctor’s native language. I have a very heavy accent as well. I understood what he wanted to say but was trying to explain to him that I was giving him the right answer.”

“In the middle of the situation you know – maybe it is a fight for a title shot and everything – my mind was going 1000 miles an hour. I’d received a shot to my face. I was okay to fight.”

Recalling the intensity of the moment, Walker shared: “It’s a very complicated situation because your mind is going 1000 miles an hour, you’re fighting for your life, your career, hopefully the chance for a title shot. And everything over – I’m very, very disappointed.”