Joe Rogan: UFC exposed ‘Frauds’ who would start their own martial arts

Joe Rogan is a tough person in his own right, despite his long tenure in Hollywood. The BJJ black belt had previously taught taekwondo and had gained invaluable knowledge from his time as an instructor.

Additionally, Rogan is a strict judge who will never put up with any disrespect for MMA. Rogan was enraged when he learned that frauds were posing as MMA instructors.

In a recent episode of the JRE podcast, Rogan cautioned prospective MMA students to avoid the imposters that are still around.

Some martial artists with fake black belts utilize attention-getting gimmicks like Death touch, which is comparable to the well-known Bruce Lee conspiracy. Rogan criticized fraud martial arts instructors who to entice pupils and then con them for money in episode #1931 of JRE.

He said, “There’s a lot of those guys that existed before the UFC that were just frauds. There was a s*it ton of ‘em. They would start their own schools and they would teach people. And they literally didn’t know how to fight. They were making s**t up.”

Due to the UFC’s resurgence in the MMA scene, more individuals became aware of the fundamentals of Jiu-jitsu, Sambo, or Taekwondo methods. As a result, more people can distinguish between real teachers and posers.

Joe Rogan also said that these fake instructors are still among us.

He added, “There’s so many fake martial artists still out there. It’s amazing that they still exist. And then the weird thing is this thing where they have this death touch on people. And the people just all fall down because it seems like these people really do believe that they’ve been touched by some crazy chi energy and they fall.”

Rogan commented, “They can’t move their body. There’s a lot of ‘em, there’s like hundreds of these videos. It’s like, what is that sort of mass psychosis? what is this like, hypnosis?”