Joe Rogan trolled for sharing meme about Steven Seagal joining Russian army

Joe Rogan has his moments – however earlier today the comedian got trolled to no end. The cause of the trolling was when podcaster decided to share a meme he found online not knowing it was a meme.

Controversial podcaster posted a spoofed CNN report claiming that Steven Seagal was assisting Russian forces during their invasion of Ukraine. The meme was a play on the number of famous professional athletes that have joined the Ukraine army in order to stave of Russian forces in takeover of Ukraine.

Screenshot shared to facebook and instagram depicts 69 year old action movie star with a machine gun, dressed in army apparel and donning sun glasses.

The commenters were quick to debunk Rogan’s posting saying:

“This is obviously photoshopped though,” scoffed one fan on Instagram. “I may be a beluga whale but I do make memes for a living so I like to think I can detect a meme with my sonar.”

“I had to Google to make sure this wasn’t real. Lol this world is bonkers,” said another.

“For anyone who thinks this is real: it’s quite cold — about -2°C — in most of Ukraine. This photo was clearly shot on a warm day.”

One particularly peeved fan added: ‘I’d laugh, but my friends are dying.”

Meanwhile others mocked Seagal in refrence to his fake aikido accolades: “He’s on deadly ground, On Deadly Ground.”

To Rogan’s credit he has yet to delete the post in spite of the negative attention it’s getting. Rogan previously mocked CNN for an Applebee’s commercial they ran during the coverage of war torn Kiev.

Rogan’s grudge toward CNN  dates back to when the commentator found himself in CNN’s crosshairs earlier this year when he revealed how he opted to treat himself when he got sick with Covid-19. CNN opted to put a particular spin on the matter and earned themselves a place on his bad side. In spite of the conflict Rogan invited Sanjay Gupta on his podcast and had interesting conversations with the CNN correspondent. Sadly, as levelheaded as Gupta was, many of his colleagues disagreed.

Applebee’s pulled their commercials from CNN in the aftermath of going viral.