Joe Rogan Texts Anik During UFC 271: Working From Home?

Following the developments surrounding the attempt to cancel Joe Rogan has been a very interesting part of the week. Famously anti woke UFC was acquired by Endeavor several years ago in entirety and has since made broadcast deals with ESPN – and ESPN is of course owned by Disney. And we all know how The Mouse feels about racism.

The official word for why Rogan was removed from the broadcast was “scheduling” conflict. It’s also worth noting that for once UFC is taking place in Rogan’s new home state. Texas.

Bisping was tapped to be the late replacement for the legendary commentator. While Bisping is an adequate replacement in the commentary booth – Cormier is far inferior cage interviewer for the post fight interviews.

The infamously anti woke crowd of the UFC isn’t taking too kindly to ESPN / Disney tactics and has been chanting sporadically their support for the comedian.



It’s unclear if UFC will be backing Rogan in future, once the media cancellation storm dies down.

Jake Paul ripped the decision to abandon longtime commentator:

“So ESPN and Disney pull Joe Rogan from the UFC broadcast but stand behind Dana White who calls reporters douche bags, says a female fighter looks like a male fighter in dress and heels, and claims brain damage is part of the gig? You pulled the wrong guy Mr. Chapek”

The Chapek he’s referring to is Bob Chapek head of Disney.

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