Joe Rogan talks him and his friends getting into a scrap with 6’6” tall athlete

Joe Rogan is a reality TV host, comedian, podcaster and UFC commentator. He recently revealed an eyebrow raising story about his involvement in a hotel scrap with some of his best friends.

This incident occurred while he was hanging out with his buddies Tait Fletcher and Eddie Bravo at a Hard Rock hotel.

In a recent podcast, Rogan recounted the events that led to a scary incident with an athlete over 6’6” tall, who also had a background in kickboxing.

Rogan was accompanied by Tait Fletcher, who is an actor with a background in Mixed Martial Arts and has a pro record of 4-2. He was also a contestant in the third season of TUF and Eddie Bravo, founder of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu. According to Rogan, Tait played a significant role and saved him during the incident.

The beef started when the athlete, who was 6’6” tall, started going after Fletcher, as he thought that Fletcher had occupied his room. Despite Tait Fletcher telling the man that he was not in the wrong room, the person kept banging on the door.

It led to Rogan, Tait, and Eddie coming out of their respective rooms all at once. Seeing that, the person apparently said, “I’ll f**k you up.” At that point, Rogan warned the “big f**king guy” and added that he was making a “mistake.”

Although it seemed like the cooler heads prevailed and the incident was about to be resolved, it was Eddie Bravo who re-instigated the issue and said, “Man, you said you were gonna do something, f**king do something.”

It ticked off the person, and he apparently stood up to Tait Fletcher and was moments away from swinging a big punch.

Tait Fletcher acted quickly and grabbed the person, putting him in an omoplata. A security guard then showed up and asked if Rogan was present.

Rogan confirmed and assured the guard that Tait was not going to hurt the person. However, he did warn that Tait would put him to sleep. Tait then transitioned from the omoplata to a RNC, putting the person to sleep out cold.

Joe added that the person had two “dopey” friends with him, and they dragged him into an elevator, disappearing into thin air. The incident left Joe Rogan and his friends shaken but unhurt.