Joe Rogan takes a stand with Cain Velasquez

Joe Rogan has never been afraid to speak his mind. For the long time UFC commentator and podcaster it’s a question of taking a stand. And when it comes to molesters – Rogan doesn’t mess around. He made it known that he firmly stands aligned with the rest of the MMA community.

Cain Velasquez was arrested on Monday afternoon. Cain Velasquez was arraigned earlier this morning.  39 year old former UFC champion was formally charged with attempted, premeditated murder and other related charges stemming from a shooting Monday evening in San Jose, California, according to the Santa Clara County district attorney.

Velasquez reportedly chased down a car containing a man accused of molesting his 4 year old relative. In addition to having molested this relative on over 100 occasions, the same suspect is also believed to have molested more underaged individuals at a daycare his mother runs.

The man in question is Harry Goularte. Goularte is facing felony child molestation charges. He was granted release from custody without bail with restrictions. He is accused of molesting Velasquez’s underaged relative (4) (relation withheld to protect the identity of the victim). Cain is facing the possibility of lifetime imprisonment.

On a recent episode of the “The Joe Rogan Experience,”Rogan discussed the Cain Velasquez shooting with former middleweight UFC champion Michael Bisping.

“It’s beyond sick,” Bisping said. “That guy deserves everything what Cain did. Well, Cain actually got his father, didn’t he? Not the guy himself, sadly.”

Rogan responded:

“I mean, my only wish is that he did it with his hands,” Rogan said. “My only wish is that he just ran the car off the road, pulled that guy out of the f*cking car, and beat him to death. F*ck you.”

Rogan’s attitude mirrors what so many others in the MMA community have said. In addition to Rogan, former Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey also commented on the incident saying:

“I would have done the same thing if not worse,” she tweeted.