Joe Rogan suspects Liver King of doing something ‘fishy’ to obtain insane abs

Joe Rogan is renowned for producing thought-provoking and captivating podcasts. He spoke with political commentators Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti in a recent episode. The duo host the popular “Breaking Point” channel.

The group had a spirited conversation on a variety of subjects. However, the conversation about Liver King and his confirmed use of PEDs stood out.

The UFC commentator said that he had called out Liver King’s use of PEDs early on. He also discussed his views on the subject with his guests.

In the podcast, the group discusses their suspicions that Liver King underwent abdominal muscles surgery in addition to $10,000 a month PED regimen.

According to Rogan, obtaining such a physique is almost impossible unless you are a 22-year-old with exceptional genetics.

He said, “There’s some natural guys that I follow that are fu**ing jacked. But it’s a different kind of jacked, that guy’s a juiced-up jacked. I think something’s going on with his abs, too.”

“there’s quite a few people that have those now, people are accusing Oscar De La Hoya of having them now”

“So those look to me. Preposterous. Yeah, the amount it just doesn’t make sense. Now, you do have people that are outliers. Like there’s certain people that just have bizarre traps, or crazy back muscles, like right there. If you show me the picture on the right, I would say that look. Yes, that’s that’s a guy who’s just jacked. But there’s something about one on the far left, who is holding up the piece of liver Yeah, that is just like what is going on?”

Liver King previously addressed claims that he had ab implants telling Fullsend podcast:

“These are implants. These are implants. A lot of people are like ‘hey you’re fuc**ng shredded.’ All you have to do is go get implants. Liver King shared. They are like $10K each. I’m rocking $100K worth. They don’t move. They don’t fuc**ng move.”

Brian Johnson when he was younger
Brian Johnson when he was younger

While he was likely joking in the now infamous clip, it’s a definite possibility he underwent some of the procedures available to make the abdominal wall muscles more prominent.

The validity of Liver King’s abdominal wall was also talked about by Saagar Enjenti. According to the UFC commentator, he is not exactly aware of the specifics. However, he can’t rule it out given the specifics of him earlier lying about using steroids.

Saagar Enjenti discusses how grifters have a lot of room since mainstream masculinity isn’t correctly portrayed. Enjeti used Liver King as an example in order to illustrate how he is a typical example of someone who is abusing the present cultural environment.

In response to Saagar’s remarks, Joe Rogan emphasized that he was one of the first to criticize Liver King for using PEDs.

Rogan stated: “Well, I called it, I didn’t cover it. I called it in way, in advance, like that guy is on the sauce, a 100%.“