Joe Rogan says Ultra woke Big Tech employees are ‘mentally ill’

Joe Rogan found himself a target of the woke mob earlier this year when he featured several problematic doctors on his podcast. From that point on a target was on Rogan’s back due to the fact that it seemed like he was disparaging about vaccines – later a research unearthed that a majority of his listeners were in fact vaccinated.

Several apologies later, Rogan was at the mercy of Spotify. Spotify is a streaming giant based out of Sweden and has many ultra liberal corporate policies. As per course with the exclusive move came a purge of the catalogue from the most problematic guests, friends who had been accused of sexual crimes and several voices considered ‘extreme’.

But Rogan was not entirely at mercy of his corporate overlord thanks to his stunning viewership numbers. Rogan himself revealed earlier this year that an episode of Joe Rogan Experience typically gets streamed on average 11 million times. When all was said and done Rogan had softened his stance on Trans individuals in sport substantially and Spotify agreed to finance minority voices to the tune of $100 million dollars in the coming years.

Still Rogan does not look kindly upon the dissidents, this is likely why he recently went scorched Earth on woke employees in huge corporations. During a podcast episode with author Antonio Garcia Martinez Rogan went on to say:

“The lunatics are running the asylum to a certain extent because there’s a lot of people working inside the company now that legitimately are mentally ill, and they consider themselves activists,” Rogan said.

They have to “because they’re a certain percentage of the population that works for the company, and they’re the loudest, and they oftentimes don’t get work done,” Rogan said.

“You are here for X amount of hours per day. This is your f****** job. You’re not an activist,” Rogan’s friend would have to tell workers, he said.

Rogan’s guest went on to share that he was at facebook:
“Facebook was a cult, and I joined it, and I was a happy member of it,” Martinez said. “It was very powerful. Everyone sacrificed themselves for the sake of the empire and its emperor.”