Joe Rogan Reveals the Origin of Anderson Silva’s Insane Move

Joe Rogan regularly provides insights on fighters behind the scene. But this next anecdote is a bit more irregular – it’s about a UFC legend that was determined to keep an unorthodox move he planned to pull on his opponent secret even to his own coach.

The GOAT in question is Anderson Silva aka Spider. Silva had a long and illustrious UFC career and had kept the title for quite a while. Still none of us anticipated that a move seen in a movie would make its way to the cage.

According to UFC commentator and comedian Joe Rogan SIlva was very much inspired by an Ong Bak movie. And even went so far as to keep this move secret from his coach as to not be ridiculed.

Rogan recently elaborated:

“Oh, yeah, Anderson in his prime, oh. Well, he did, he did an upward elbow. You wanna hear this crazy story? There was a crazy thing that he saw in like an Ong Bak movie. Where it’s a step forward to the side, upward elbow. And he kept telling people that he was going to knock this dude out with an upward elbow. And his, his trainer, was like ‘hey, man, you got to stop to stop f**king around. Like, don’t try to do stupid sh*t like that. Stick to the game plan.’ You are fighting a tough guy.”

“So, he had his wife hold a pillow at home, so he wouldn’t even practice it in front of his coach. So, he’ll go home and have his wife hold a pillow and Anderson would step in and Bamm, stepping in with his crazy elbow, and then he decided he was gonna use it in the fight. Check this out! Watch this. I mean, that’s how good Anderson Silva is.”

Ong Bak elbow has since surfaced in another fight:

Of course for those interested – you can watch the movie. Or simply check out some of the fight scenes on youtube: