Joe Rogan on Will Smith-Chris Rock slap: “not a crime to do to your wife in Russia”

It’s been almost a week since Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on a live broadcast of the 94th Academy Awards, yet the incident is still a hot topic.

The incident divided the people into two groups, while some justified what Smith did, others are condemning him for being violent, even going as far as claiming it was an assault.

On the recent episode of his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan discussed the wildest night in Oscar’s history with guest Yannis Pappas.

While talking about the situation, Rogan jokingly makes a comparison to Russia:

“That’s basically giving a green light to the p*mp slap to what Will Smith did to Chris Rock, that is not a crime to do to your wife in Russia.”

Rogan also addressed what he thought Rock should have done after the slap, saying that the comedian should have jumped on Smith when he turned his back.

“Should have jumped on his back as soon as he turned his back like that.” said Rogan followed by a laugh by his guest star Pappas.

He also went on to contemplate on what a year of jiu jitsu could do for Chris Rock in this situation.

Despite the tense atmosphere on stage, according to the longtime UFC commentator, both Smith and Rock have met backstage after the incident and sorted things out.

The 54-year-old further added that he didn’t think Smith should have to go to jail or have his award taken away. Instead, he thought, this should be a learning experience for everyone.

Rogan had shared his opinion about the incident on another episode previously saying:

“I think he was being emotionally fragile and he acted on impulse,” Rogan told his guest Josh Barnett in a recent episode of his podcast. “It’s a foolish impulse that you do when you know that there’s no consequences.”

“So when you’re hitting a very small person. … You don’t go and sit in the front row as a star at the Oscars, there’s a professional comedian whose job is to roast people, what he did was not even insulting. It was a mild joke.”