Joe Rogan: Khabib Is A Greatest Of All Time – Over Jon Jones

Before Jon Jones racked up his latest arrest, internet commentator Joe Rogan was asked to weigh in on their respective skillsets. And what is surprising is that ever the company man, Rogan, didn’t pick Jon Jones as the greatest of all time.

 “Khabib is an unusual man. Very unusual. It’s why he’s the Great. The greatest lightweight of all time for sure and maybe the greatest fighter of all time. I mean, Jon Jones has a better resume in terms of the accomplishments but Khabib has a better resume in terms of the amount of rounds of dominance. Also, Khabib – with no disrespect – went through a harder division. They’re tougher people. Like, not tougher humans but it’s a tougher, there’s more talent in 155 lbs division than there is in light heavy weight division.


This is not a disrespectful thing. Jon Jones stands out in any (expletive) division – he would be an amazing flyweight. He’s just that good but I believe that the guys he’s beaten – if you look at the guys he’s beaten. And look at the overall talent depth of the lightweight division I think you can make it an argument that the lightweights are more talented or at least more technical or overall it’s a deeper division. “